Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | 01:46 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | 01:46 | SYDNEY

World peace: All you need is love (and a lap-top)


Sam Roggeveen


19 February 2008 10:40

Two very different blog posts about one idea. The first is from Global Dashboard, and features American writer Clay Shirky on the social effects of internet technology:

What is happening in our generation is that we have a set of tools for aggregating things that people care about, in ways that increase both the scope and the longevity [of their efforts], in ways that were unpredictable even a decade ago.  The coordinating tools we now have — and I’m not talking about anything fancy, I’m talking about mailing lists, usenet, weblogs and wikis — those tools turn love into a renewable building material.

And then there's Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who has his own frequently hilarious and often wise blog:

What I’d like to see is a pen pal web site designed to end war. The idea would be to connect citizens in different countries at such a high rate it would be politically impossible for the two countries to start a war. You might support your government in a war against a country full of people you don’t know. But would you support a war that has a good chance of killing your e-mail friend Phlubanakawahaha and his entire family? There is some theoretical level of citizen-to-citizen contact that makes war between two countries virtually impossible.