Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 06:09 | SYDNEY
Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 06:09 | SYDNEY

That Wikileaks cable


Sam Roggeveen


6 December 2010 08:34

One of the persistent annoyances of mainstream media use of the internet is its dogged refusal to link to outside sources. So although you will find long and detailed summaries on every Australian news site this morning about the Rudd-Clinton cable, you have to navigate to The Guardian's site to read the thing itself.

We'll have more analysis on the cable later, but for now, go read.

UPDATE: And BTW, if you really want to understand what motivates Julian Assange, read this dissection of Assange's own writings. He's really not interested in changing US policy; he's a kind of liberatarian/anarchist, whose ultimate aim is to completely gum up the workings of government. (Thanks to Will for the link.)