Thursday 07 Oct 2021 | 00:08 | SYDNEY
Thursday 07 Oct 2021 | 00:08 | SYDNEY

Who wears the (Aussie) pants in Libya?


Rodger Shanahan


24 August 2011 09:25

My thanks to the eagle eye of colleague Anthony Bubalo who brought this interesting photo of Saif al-Islam Qhadhafi to my attention. Jubilant after his reappearance in front of the media in Tripoli after news of his arrest was apparently greatly exaggerated, he appears to be wearing Australian army camouflage pants!

Skip to 2:05 in to see.

As it's unlikely he picked them up in his local army surplus store. My bet is that either he bought them himself when he came to Australia in 2006 or more likely he got them from his brother al-Saadi who was invited to Perth’s Swanbourne Barracks by then Defence Minister Hill the same year.