Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 10:03 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 10:03 | SYDNEY

What have I changed my mind about this year? Apple and e-books


Mark Thirlwell

22 December 2010 11:08

Until this year, I fairly successfully avoided joining the cult of Apple. I've been more than happy to stick with a PC and (partly just because I dislike mobile phones in general) have had no interest in owning an iPhone. I did have an iPod, but since that was an unsolicited gift, I'm going to claim it doesn't really count.

This year I bought an iPad. Pretty much an impulse purchase, but now I'm hooked. I still reckon I'm not a cultist. But I do like it. Quite a lot.

This is also the first year I've bought and read an e-book. I really like the feel of actual books, especially hardbacks, and I really, really like browsing in actual bookstores. So I have always resisted the idea of going digital. But the combination of iPad ownership, rapidly tightening space constraints, and sheer cost have together convinced me to change my ways, at least a little bit. (I'm still buying most of my books the old-fashioned way.)

Reading highlights of the experiment so far' Frances Spufford's excellent Red Plenty followed by Charles Yu's How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.

Photo by Flickr user Photo Giddy.