Thursday 11 Aug 2022 | 07:27 | SYDNEY
Thursday 11 Aug 2022 | 07:27 | SYDNEY

What happening in Vietnam?


Sam Roggeveen


6 December 2011 08:50

Above, a gorgeous time-lapse video of Ho Chi Minh City (h/t TDW), which didn't look much like this when we were still calling it Saigon (the name change happened in 1976, although 'Saigon' is still commonly used).

The video is an indicator of how much is changing in Vietnam, and a reminder to me that The Interpreter has far too little to say about it. If you know of any blogs or other online sources about Vietnam that you want to share with me and our readers, please let me know via . And if you have expertise in the country and think you might like to contribute something to The Interpreter, please drop me a line.