Thursday 02 Jul 2020 | 23:51 | SYDNEY
Thursday 02 Jul 2020 | 23:51 | SYDNEY

What on earth was Hillary thinking?


Sam Roggeveen


28 April 2008 10:26

At first blush, this is a pretty appalling lapse in taste and judgment from Clinton:

Q. You have any good jokes?

A. Here's a good one. Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand: her opponents have observed that in the event of a nuclear war, the two things that will emerge from the rubble are the cockroaches and Helen Clark. [Laughs]

As other blogs have pointed out, there's nothing 'former' about Clark's prime ministership, so points lost there for accuracy, and for how generally unfunny the joke is.

But unlike those other blogs, I'm inclined to give Clinton the benefit of some doubt on the question of taste, because Clinton might actually have been trying to pay Clark a compliment. If the joke does originate with Clark's opponents, it would make sense for them to portray Clark's political toughness in the least flattering light. But it is a grudging compliment, nonetheless. Maybe Clinton sees some parallels with herself and her opponents?