Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 09:12 | SYDNEY
Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 09:12 | SYDNEY

What Bob Carr blog tells us about his foreign policy views


Sam Roggeveen


2 March 2012 16:17

Bob Carr's Thoughtlines blog was an occasional stop for journalists who wanted the former NSW Premier's take on the Labor leadership battle. But looking through the archives, what can the blog tell us about our next foreign minister's views on matters of international diplomacy? I'm only up to December 2011, but here are some highlights so far:

This interview I did with Bob Carr last year on the results of the 2011 Lowy Poll is also worth a listen. He's clearly well disposed to Indonesia and thinks it gets a raw deal in the Australian media. At the end, you hear that he's not particularly spooked by China's military build-up; indeed, he's worried about American over-reaction, saying 'Australia's role ought to be encouraging Americans to find ways of dealing with the strategic rise of China that are not predicated on expectations of conflict.'

Then I asked him about the surprisingly positive response we got in our poll to the possibility of US bases in Australia:

...You would have thought Australians would be more nervous about having foreign military bases on their soil, and whether their readiness to contemplate such bases is due to unease of China's rise or concern about a Muslim presence to our north capable of being agitated by Islamist advocacy is something I'm not sure of.

(UPDATE: Below, some further snippets I've found since posting the above.)