Sunday 10 Oct 2021 | 03:42 | SYDNEY
Sunday 10 Oct 2021 | 03:42 | SYDNEY

Wednesday security linkage


Rory Medcalf


13 January 2010 12:10

  • What is the Royal Australian Navy going to use its great big strategic projection ships for? Are they as much for the Army as the Navy? Go to the Seapower 2010 conference to find out. 
  • It's a bad sign for the supposed ruddy health of the Australia-US alliance that the 2007 bilateral defence trade agreement crafted under Howard and Bush still has not made it through Congress. One hopes there will be words about this at the AUSMIN talks next week. Mind you, there were words about it at the last few AUSMIN meetings too
  • Speaking of AUSMIN, and Hillary Clinton's visit to the region, it is fascinating that she is including a visit to Papua New Guinea. There can only be one fundamental reason: China's growing influence in Port Moresby and the South Pacific more generally. The last time this part of the world was of real strategic significance to Washington was almost seven decades ago. 
  • India-China security relations have come under serious strain in the past year. About time they talked about it.
  • Vietnam's decision to acquire Russian Kilo submarines is surely entirely understandable given China's naval buildup. This shrill Thai editorial last month seemed to miss that point entirely. That, and any sense of ASEAN solidarity.