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Wednesday linkage: Economics edition


Mark Thirlwell

15 July 2009 10:41

  • The FT has lunch with Larry Summers, who (kind of) admits to changing his mind on a few things.
  • Robert Frank in the NYT on why Charles Darwin could replace Smith as the intellectual founder of economics.
  • Robert Skidelsky reviews Martin Wolf’s latest book for the NYRB and thinks about competing explanations for the GFC.
  • The Economist’s Free Exchange blog is hosting a debate on a guest article in  the magazine penned by the World Bank’s chief economist, Justin Lin, making the case for 'small and simple' financial systems for poor economies.
  • Bill Easterly takes on the ‘Tipping Point’ theory.
  • Jeff Frankel declares an end to the Global Savings Glut.
  • Dani Rodrik makes the case for reconsidering mercantilism — its not just a license for cronyism and corruption, apparently (h/t Economist’s View).