Saturday 09 Oct 2021 | 23:28 | SYDNEY
Saturday 09 Oct 2021 | 23:28 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


7 July 2010 14:12

  • A quick FYI: selected Interpreter columns appear weekly on the English-language site of the Chinese business magazine, Caixin.
  • Recently we learned from CIA Chief Leon Panetta that there are just 50-100 al Qaeda members in Afghanistan. So what about Pakistan? More than 300, says another senior American intelligence source.
  • Profile of David Brooks, NY Times columnist and one of the Obama White House's favourite Republicans.
  • We often feature the geopolitical blogging of the strategist Tom Barnett. Here's a wonderful personal post on he and his wife's first meeting in Ethiopia with the two children they are adopting.
  • Has the Gillard climbdown on the resource tax increased sovereign risk for mining companies? Journalist Peter Martin discusses.
  • Beijing has announced US$100 billion worth of infrastructure investment for western China.
  • Via the Foreign Policy Association's East Asia blog, a 1967 film produced by the CIA called 'The Roots of Madness', on China's political history. It's also on YouTube: