Tuesday 17 Jul 2018 | 00:09 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 17 Jul 2018 | 00:09 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


23 June 2010 13:42

  • There are reports that General McChrystal has handed in his resignation after the furore over this Rolling Stone article. Information Dissemination highlights the most head-scratching part of this whole controversy: McChrystal was shown a draft of the piece and OKed it.
  • Eliot Cohen, an expert on US civil-military relations, says McChrystal has to go. (Thanks to Andrew for the link.)
  • The North Korean Government took the rare step of broadcasting a World Cup match live. The team lost 7-0 to Portugal. (Thanks to Malcolm for the link.)
  • The Indonesia visit: was Obama's second cancellation badly received in Jakarta? Not really.
  • Australia a member of NATO? That's how the Washington Post and CNN covered the Afghanistan helicopter accident in which three Australian soldiers died. (Thanks Scott.)
  • 'The conquest of urban disease in the developed world has been one of the great triumphs of the past two centuries' says Edward Glaeser in the New York Times (h/t Free Exchange). But:

...the downsides of proximity, be they cholera or crime, have never been solved with laissez-faire. Costly, often intrusive public action has often been needed to manage the negative externalities associated with urban density. In a sense, the gulf between the political attitudes of New York City and Montana can be understood as a reflection of the fact that city dwellers need government a lot more than ranchers do.