Thursday 07 Oct 2021 | 03:45 | SYDNEY
Thursday 07 Oct 2021 | 03:45 | SYDNEY

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Fergus Hanson


25 November 2009 11:31

  • The Economist's weekly cartoon has a suggestion for the 2040 Climate Change Summit: a wave-lapped Mount Everest.
  • United Russia held a two-day pow-wow with the Chinese Communist Party in October 'to glean information and know-how from Beijing’s authoritarian political and economic model' but, asks the Moscow Times, can the Chinese model really be replicated in Russia?
  • The Heritage Foundation sets out a series of key Asian indicators: there are lots of interesting comparisons — I like the the last one on support for the US in the UN.
  • Obama was labelled the 'pussyfooting' president for failing to stand up for basic human rights during his visit to China, but there's no need for side-stepping with the universally despised Mugabe it would seem
  • Burkha Barbie.