Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 06:59 | SYDNEY
Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 06:59 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


11 November 2009 11:30

  • AIDS is the leading cause of death and disease among women aged 15 to 44.
  • Via Fallows, a damning indictment of the RAAF's next fighter, the F-35. Is anyone (other than those financially committed to it) defending this aircraft?
  • The myth of Chinese savings.
  • You'd expect that globalisation and decreasing transport costs would make distance a less important factor in trade. But maybe not.
  • US economists united on the economic implications of climate change.
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says 'the worst is behind us' and announces India's stimulus package will be rolled back next year. He has also promised to speed up economic reform.
  • A naval skirmish between North and South Korea.
  • One more communism joke to add to Mark Colvin's list: When a new Stalin postage stamp was released in the USSR, hordes of people descended on the post office to complain that the bloody things wouldn't stick to envelopes. The post office patiently explained that you are supposed to spit on the back of the stamp.