Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 00:48 | SYDNEY
Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 00:48 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


14 January 2009 10:08

  • More bridges to nowhere?: Marginal Revolution looks at Japanese infrastructure spending to see where Obama's stimulus package might go wrong.
  • Some surprising new figures on global wine consumption.
  • Stuart Harris at East Asia Forum addresses some of my queries about China's recent peace overtures to Taiwan.
  • A blow to my call for a modest US foreign policy: The Atlantic Monthly explains why Obama appears to be just as wildly ambitious as every previous president.
  • The Australian has a story about proposals for some pretty savage defence spending cuts. There's a reference in the story to the Royal Australian Navy's Seasprite fiasco; NZ blogger Paul Cotton has two posts explaining how that came about.
  • China has 298 million internet users, an incredible 42% rise on last year.