Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 23:51 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 23:51 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


16 February 2011 11:38

  • Identifying the weak point: what hackers and social scientists have in common. (Thanks Fergus.)
  • The vulnerability of peripheries: reader Julian recommends this American Interest essay about how US adversaries are probing American power on three Eurasian peripheries — the Persian Gulf, the eastern Europe plains and the South/East China Sea.
  • What Coke teaches us about disaster management and economic development.
  • America's aviation regulator projects US air traffic will more than double by 2021. The International Air Travel Association, meanwhile, expects worldwide passenger numbers to grow by 32% between 2009 and 2014.
  • President Obama's 2012 budget proposal, in interactive graphic form. (Thanks Fergus.)
  • 'India is said to grow at night while its government sleeps. The quip, beloved of Indian businessmen, is often invoked to rubbish a corrupt and incompetent state and to praise a supposedly heroic entrepreneurial class. But there is something wrong with this picture.' David Pilling explains. (H/t Asia File.)