Saturday 24 Oct 2020 | 23:20 | SYDNEY
Saturday 24 Oct 2020 | 23:20 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


6 October 2010 12:42

  • For analysis of Kim Jung Un's ascent up Pyongyang's leadership ladder, keep an eye on North Korea Leadership Watch. This one is also worth bookmarking: North Korea Economy Watch.
  • In the wake of the fishing boat controversy, China's premier and Japan's prime minister met in the margins of the ASEM Meeting in Brussels. Michael Cucek argues Japan emerged the winner from the dispute.
  • Haaretz reports that an Israeli rabbi has ruled it is kosher for Mossad to use 'honey-pot' sex to trap terrorists. (Thanks to Michael for the link.)
  • Excellent New Yorker piece about procrastination, 'a practice that illuminates the fluidity of human identity'.
  • While on the tarmac waiting to fly out, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono cancelled a visit to the Netherlands because of threats he might be arrested when he arrived.
  • My post of yesterday argued that the story of China's submarine program was one of modernisation, not expansion. This blog post paints a slightly different picture.