Tuesday 19 Oct 2021 | 08:09 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 19 Oct 2021 | 08:09 | SYDNEY

Wednesday economics linkage


Mark Thirlwell

30 June 2010 11:08

  • Simon Evenett delivered a terrific talk on trade policy here at the Institute yesterday. Simon also coordinates the work of global trade alert, and a summary of their latest assessment of the state of international protectionism is available here.
  • This NY Times piece on the Irish economy has been receiving lots of linkage. Ireland's determined push for fiscal austerity has received a fair bit of praise, with Dublin's tough action being contrasted to developments in Southern Europe. According to the NYT story, however, the reality is pretty grim. (Via Free Exchange.)
  • Sticking with fiscal policy, the IMF's chief economist has laid down his ten commandments for fiscal adjustment in rich countries.
  • Some great news via Brad DeLong: The Journal of Economic Perspectives is now freely available online.
  • Also at DeLong's website, this very interesting essay on the history of macroeconomic thought. It's in part a response to this recent attack on economic blogging. Some other responses are here and here.