Sunday 19 Aug 2018 | 20:09 | SYDNEY
Sunday 19 Aug 2018 | 20:09 | SYDNEY

US reaction to Beazley alliance claim


Sam Roggeveen


27 October 2009 11:18

The more I think about Graeme Dobell's article yesterday, the more I'm inclined to agree with him that it was rather extraordinary for incoming Australian ambassador to Washington Kim Beazley to say that the US gets more out of the alliance than Australia does.

US Chargé d'Affaires to Australia Dan Clune seemed a little surprised by the statement too, when I put it to him in a short telephone interview this morning. Clune is America's senior diplomat in Canberra until the new ambassador arrives, and I began by asking him about incoming ambassador, Jeff Bleich, who Clune says could arrive in Canberra in late November.