Sunday 16 May 2021 | 06:22 | SYDNEY
Sunday 16 May 2021 | 06:22 | SYDNEY

US presidential primary linkage


Sam Roggeveen


21 February 2008 10:58

  • From Patrick Appel, guest blogging for Andrew Sullivan: 'Expect the next two weeks of campaigning (and the debate this week) to get ugly. Clinton will keep coming after Obama, trying to find a line of attack that works. The person who is most likely to benefit from that strategy: John McCain. McCain gets to see how going negative on Obama is likely to play with the electorate without having to invest his own money or risk tarnishing his image.'
  • A telling statistic to support the 'Obama phenomenon' thesis:  'Hawaii caucus turnout has never been above 5,000. The Obama camp's pie-in-the-sky prediction was 18,000. Final tally? 37,247.'
  • Finally, someone in the US has picked up on the eery parallels between this presidential election season and the one portrayed on The West Wing, something The Interpreter wrote about in December.
  • The website is running a photo feature on politicians and their wives. It includes five pictures of John and Cindy McCain, and in each one, McCain is holding his wife's arm as they wave to crowds. The caption suggestively asks what this says about their relationship, with the implication possibly being that McCain has to force his wife to support his political ambitions. Someone should tell that McCain suffered injuries in the Vietnam War which make it impossible for him to raise his arms above his shoulders. So it's actually her holding his arm up, not the other way around.