Saturday 09 Oct 2021 | 15:03 | SYDNEY
Saturday 09 Oct 2021 | 15:03 | SYDNEY

Two photo essays


Sam Roggeveen


21 April 2009 14:33

Just a quick note from Shanghai, where I arrived yesterday evening, to alert you to a couple of photo essays I've come across. The first is on a Southeast Asia blog I've recommended before, the ANU-based New Mandala, and has on-the-ground reporting and some really vivid photos of political protests in Bangkok.

The second photo essay is of a train journey through North Korea, and is less an effort at journalism than informed tourism. It all starts here and has some wonderful images of North Korean rural and city life, as well as North Korea's ancient but strangely well-maintained infrastructure. I found this collection via a very good blog devoted to American infrastructure issues called Infrastructurist.

I hope to have some photos and commentary of my own to share with you over the course of my short stay in China. For now, and in keeping with the infrastructure theme, this was the scene onboard Shanghai's Maglev train last night, which takes you from the airport to about half way into the city. You then need to get a cab — on dusty, busy roads alongside highway and office-building construction projects — to reach the city centre. Yes, China's modernisation is indeed a work in progress.