Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 23:41 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 23:41 | SYDNEY

Tuesday security linkage


Rory Medcalf


31 August 2010 10:22

  • Blowing in the wind: not long ago, it seemed that commercial and job-creation imperatives in France's defence industry were going to bestow Russia with the sort of maritime reach the Soviets never had. But now it looks like the sale of four Mistral strategic projection ships is in doubt
  • Earlier this year, I recommended this paper setting out the challenges the US faced from Chinese anti-access maritime capabilities. Now for the sequel. This study is making a splash in Washington. It looks at what Air-Sea Battle might mean in practice. But one aspect is not new: the name has been around since a simpler, if not gentler, age
  • This is proving a nasty year for India's security outlook: Chinese assertiveness, hints of Western withdrawal from Afghanistan, little joy with Pakistan, an intifada in Kashmir, Maoist insurgency worsening, and the fear of Mumbai-style terrorism at the Commonwealth Games. Capturing these anxieties, this piece is worth a look. 
  • At least New Delhi seems to be keeping a clear and calm head in its dealings with China. A row over China's denial of a visa to a Kashmir-based Indian military commander had threatened to derail bilateral defence ties. Sensibly, India is not adopting the attitude China brings to its dealings with America - putting national pride ahead of military dialogue.