Thursday 16 Aug 2018 | 20:13 | SYDNEY
Thursday 16 Aug 2018 | 20:13 | SYDNEY

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Fergus Hanson


11 May 2010 14:53

  • Michael Green in the WSJ says don't go wobbly on North Korea (subscribers only).
  • Michael Fullilove takes you on a more personal tour of Washington in this Spectator piece. Rory Medcalf gives you a more personal look at India in this one. 
  • From the NYT, the fraying seams in the fight against AIDS:

Of the 33 million people infected, 14 million are immuno-compromised enough to need drugs now, under the latest World Health Organization guidelines. (W.H.O. guidelines are conservative; if all 33 million were Americans, most clinicians would treat them at once.)

Instead, despite a superhuman effort by donors, fewer than four million are on treatment. Just to meet the minimal W.H.O. guidelines, donations would have to treble instead of going flat.

  • Caroline Baum at Bloomberg disses the Greek contagion theory sweeping Europe. 
  • Four reasons from Foreign Policy why the UK hung parliament is a bad thing, two reasons why it's good, and a truly bizarre one from Youtube to show it's gone on too long already ...