Friday 08 Oct 2021 | 05:10 | SYDNEY
Friday 08 Oct 2021 | 05:10 | SYDNEY

Tuesday linkage


Sam Roggeveen


16 February 2010 13:44

  • Remember the story we linked to early this month about the Pakistani diplomat who couldn't be posted to Saudi Arabia because his name had an unfortunate meaning when translated into Arabic? It aint true.
  • Blake Hounshell from Foreign Policy objects to Walter Russell Mead's recent blogging on climate science.
  • Global windpower capacity grew by 31% in 2009; China doubled its capacity last year.
  • Hindustan Times Foreign Editor Pramit Pal Chaudri explains the attacks on Indian students in Australia: a unique confluence of economic factors and policy signals.
  • One reason China's development occurs at such breakneck pace is that there are few property rights to slow down land acquisition.
  • Some advance footage of tonight's ABC Foreign Correspondent program, on the Afghan surge as viewed from one US base: