Monday 20 Sep 2021 | 06:38 | SYDNEY
Monday 20 Sep 2021 | 06:38 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


22 December 2009 13:50

  • UK monthly Prospect names its top public intellectuals of 2009, with economist Simon Johnson on top. I know my colleague Mark Thirlwell rates Johnson's Atlantic piece on the financial crisis very highly.
  • Sending a single US soldier to Afghanistan for a year costs US$750,000 or more. Further details here.
  • '...the number of Chinese Internet users is rising 56 percent a year, and stood at 253 million in July 2008.' Thomas Crampton summarises a McKinsey's report on social media in China.
  • Chile well on the way to being considered a developed country.
  • Richard Armitage on the decision to invade Iraq: 'Never to my knowledge, and I’m pretty sure I’m right on this, did the President [George W. Bush] ever sit around with his advisors and say, “Should we do this or not?” He never did it.' (H/t Armchair Asia.)
  • It's been such a big year for the Lowy Institute, I'm exhausted just reading the end of year message from our Executive Director Michael Wesley.