Thursday 16 Aug 2018 | 02:25 | SYDNEY
Thursday 16 Aug 2018 | 02:25 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


1 December 2009 13:47

  • Pakistan's president has ceded control of the nuclear arsenal to the Prime Minister.
  • Reports that North Korea has revalued and replaced its national currency.
  • Why did the Burmese leadership decide, five years ago, to build a whole new capital in the middle of their country? Answers here.
  • I've just discovered a promising blog called Saudiwoman. Here's a post from a few months ago about the daily inconvenience caused by the ban on female driving.
  • Clean Break summarises a joint report on climate change by the World Wildlife Fund and insurance giant Allianz.
  • A fistful of Euros examines the chances of a double dip recession in Germany.