Friday 17 Aug 2018 | 15:29 | SYDNEY
Friday 17 Aug 2018 | 15:29 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


23 September 2008 12:23

  • The ABC's Mark Corcoran reminisces about Islamabad's Marriott Hotel, recently destroyed by terrorists and previously the scene of spying, journalism and political intrigue.
  • The Delhi police force has lost one of its most prolific marksmen to terrorist bullets. But his career record was 35 terrorists and 40 bandits killed. Surely there's a movie script in this?
  • Outgoing Telstra 2IC Phil Burgess has some departing thoughts on Australia's place in the world. He's expanding on this in an address to the Lowy Institute today; the podcast will be available tomorrow.
  • Reader Jeremy points out that, contra Mark, not everyone is panning the Paulson plan.
  • The return of Clintonism in US foreign policy?: Obama's interventionist instincts.