Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 11:49 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 11:49 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


10 August 2010 10:55

  • Yesterday James Brown proposed a collaborative open-source intelligence tool that would allow the public to participate in the mining and interpretation of data. Reader Thomas points to one example of where this is already occurring.
  • Former Defence Department Secretary Paul Barratt agrees it is poor form that Gillard and Rudd sent staffers to attend National Security Committee meetings in their place. But turning up to NSC is only the beginning...
  • China's new Silk Road to Africa, the Middle East and South America.
  • The NY Times looks at the improbable rise of The Economist, which sells 823,000 copies a week in the US. In Australia, its over 20,000.
  • Historian Tony Judt has died. His history of post-World War II Europe (Postwar) is one of the best books I've read in the last ten years.
  • 'The mounting evidence that China simply isn't interested in becoming a full stakeholder in the US-led liberal international order has forced the administration to respond with a new policy in Asia.' Click here for more.
  • Hitchens on cancer: 'To the dumb question “Why me'” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply: Why not''