Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 06:43 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 06:43 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


12 October 2010 13:04

  • The UK has launched a global strategy to abolish capital punishment. In 2007, the Lowy Institute's Michael Fullilove published his plan for an Asian coalition against the death penalty.
  • Regarding yesterday's Simpson's post, YouTube has taken down the clip at Fox's request, which somewhat undermines my point about Fox's skill at dealing with its critics. This interview with the show's producer about the clip is revealing about the relationship with Fox.
  • The Taiwanese President's National Day Address — 'a very clear statement on the Ma Administration's cross-strait strategy', says my colleague Malcolm Cook.
  • Malcolm also recommends this thoughtful piece on the future of Japan-PRC relations, from an influential observer.
  • The winners of the (sort of) Nobel Prize for economics were announced yesterday.
  • Greg Mankiw's latest NYT column on tax policy has been receiving a fair bit of attention around the econ blogosphere. (Thanks to Mark for this and the above link.)
  • A wealth of material on Arms Control Wonk recently, including analysis of two new missile types appearing in North Korea's recent military parade, and a piece on security at a Belgian air base that houses US nuclear weapons, which was penetrated by anti-nuke protesters: