Saturday 24 Oct 2020 | 01:01 | SYDNEY
Saturday 24 Oct 2020 | 01:01 | SYDNEY

Tremble before China space power


Sam Roggeveen


30 September 2011 08:39

Congratulations to AFP for pointing out that, in its latest 'great leap forward' into space (that's the inevitable but historically tone-deaf pun on the ABC News homepage just now) China is merely emulating the Gemini program, commemorated above in a 1967 US postage stamp:

China, which has been open to the world for only about 30 years, is playing catch-up in the space arena.

Just like its first manned spaceflight in 2003, the planned space docking later this year will emulate what the Americans and Russians achieved in the 1960s.

China aims to finish its space station, where astronauts can live autonomously for several months like on the ISS or the former Russian Mir, by 2020.

 Image courtesy of Wikipedia.