Thursday 26 Nov 2020 | 10:15 | SYDNEY
Thursday 26 Nov 2020 | 10:15 | SYDNEY

Trailer: From Sydney With Love


Sam Roggeveen


1 August 2012 14:23

Here's telling demonstration of the sometimes unexpected effects of Australia's embrace of international education: tonight the Bollywood family comedy 'From Sydney With Love' premieres at the University of New South Wales.

This SMH story quotes writer, director and star Prateek Chakravorty as saying that the film was motivated directly by the bad press Australia got in India in 2009 after several attacks on Indian students in Australia. Chakravorty studied at the University of Technology, Sydney, and wanted to correct what he thought was a misleading impression of Australia among Indians.

Quick aside: in the background panorama image of Sydney featured on the official website for the film, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been replaced by what looks like Brisbane's Story Bridge. Oops.