Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 10:16 | SYDNEY
Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 10:16 | SYDNEY

Tourism in Yemen: Put another magazine in the AK-47


Rodger Shanahan


15 September 2010 11:34

Tourism Australia has certainly done a good job in securing Oprah Winfrey's Ultimate Australian Adventure in December; the return on government investment in the project is very likely to be substantial. But when you're selling iconic destinations such as the 'Oprah House', Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, the job is not that hard, even in a competitive market.

When I heard the announcement my thoughts turned to an article I read about a tourism authority with a real challenge on its hands. For, at the same time as Tourism Australia must have been inking Oprah's signature on the contract, the Yemeni Tourist Promotion Council was also launching its new tourism campaign for 2010.

Now, having traveled around Yemen I can attest to its physical beauty (my photos above) but with the al-Houthi rebellion in the north, the secessionist movement in the south, al Qaida all over the place and tourists from Spain, Belgium and Korea having been targeted in recent years, the ad campaign promoting Yemen is something that would test even the experts from The Gruen Transfer.