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Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 19:02 | SYDNEY

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Alex Oliver


6 May 2010 09:20

  • US Defense Secretary Robert M Gates addressed the Navy League in Maryland this week on the changing demands on the US navy, new challenges from an altered strategic landscape, and the task of meeting hardware needs in a time of spiralling costs and a tightened fiscal environment ...   
  • Here's an nice irony: leading Republican Eric Cantor has condemned Obama's attempts at engagement with Iran and Russia, urging that 'America ... restore its credibility by pursuing peace through strength'. Only a few weeks ago, around fifty retired three and four star US generals and military officials advocated increased spending on diplomacy and development, arguing that 'the United States must combine its strong military with robust, effective civilian tools of international development and diplomacy to secure its national interests in an era when many of the challenges of the 21st century recognize no borders'.
  • Obama on McCain: 'Maybe I shouldn't be president', he said in his familiar wry tone, only with more amazement than usual. 'But he definitely shouldn't be'.