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Sam Roggeveen


18 February 2010 15:33

I have become imprisoned, O beloved, by the mole on your lip! 

  • That, if you can believe it, is the opening line of a poem by the Ayatollah Khomenei.
  • Obama happy to appear on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, but won't do Colbert. Wimp.
  • Yesterday's Newspoll included a question about who voters trust on national security. It was not a great result for the Government.
  • Regarding my recent post on US missile defence policy, here's a policy statement the Pentagon put out in conjunction with its recent Quadrennial Defense Review.
  • Andrew Norton examines a new Victoria University research paper on the causes of violence against international students in Australia.
  • Sequels and comic book adaptations are now old hat, so Hollywood is turning to board games, with an adaptation of Battleship. Director Peter Berg explains why the enemy in the movie will be an alien race, rather than another country (my emphasis):

The idea of a film where America goes to war against China, or a movie where America goes to war against England or Australia or Japan, one of the countries that has a credible navy, felt like it would borderline on some kind of jingoistic American military exercise I couldn't get my head around. I like the idea of something bigger, larger than life and the challenge it presented.