Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 09:08 | SYDNEY
Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 09:08 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


21 January 2010 11:48

  • I've been waiting for an 'Obama's first year' retrospective that goes beyond a stale accounting of what he promised, what he achieved, and where he failed. George Packer's piece comes closest, though he says nothing about foreign policy.
  • A new academic journal devoted to the study of North Korea's military.
  • Due to budget cuts, the Royal Navy's flotilla was removed from the Carribean just weeks before the Haiti earthquake, 'the first time that the Royal Navy has had a significant gap in cover in the Caribbean since the 17th century.'
  • A new Human Security Report has good news: global wartime mortality is decreasing.
  • Indonesia's counter-terrorism efforts are also a good news story, says the Jamestown Foundation.
  • Photos of some amazing national pavilions under construction for the Shanghai Expo.
  • Update on an earlier post: The NY Times confirms it is putting up a paywall, from 2011.
  • The top 10 technologies for tyranny.
  • Japan policy blog Shisaku sets me straight on the China naval refuelling mission story I linked to on Monday.