Friday 15 Oct 2021 | 01:41 | SYDNEY
Friday 15 Oct 2021 | 01:41 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


19 November 2009 09:58

  • The WSJ says the recent discovery of large quantities of water on the moon could transform space exploration. Diplomatic Courier says there are strategic implications too.
  • Just to even out our coverage of the Joint Strike Fighter, here's an ASPI paper from last year arguing the aircraft is basically affordable for Australia.
  • Passport quotes some of Europe's more bloodthirsty national anthems. How archaic they seem.
  • For only the second time in ten years, über-blogger Andrew Sullivan is taking a full day off from blogging, so he can forensically examine Sarah Palin's memoirs.
  • Family first: while in Beijing, Obama took a full five minutes to catch up with his half-brother.
  • Via Shanghai Scrap, quote of the day goes to US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman:

"Don't mistake me for being an expert, because I've been here for three months," Huntsman said. "And I've come to the conclusion that 'China expert' is kind of an oxymoron. And those who consider themselves to be China experts are kind of morons. So you take what you can, you learn what you can, and you begin to pull all the pieces together, and still it kind of remains sometimes a somewhat confused environment."