Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 00:23 | SYDNEY
Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 00:23 | SYDNEY

Throwing caution (and various objects) to the wind


Fergus Hanson


15 December 2008 14:55

Spurred by the recent attack on President Bush by a shoe throwing Iraqi journalist, below is a small compilation of other objects that have been hurled at world leaders.

  • In 2001, a 16-year old Swedish boy threw a strawberry tart at his King.
  • This was perhaps a copycat attack of the Bill Gates pie throwing incident of 1998.  
  • In 2002, the Australian Head of State's car was struck by a few stray eggs thrown by a disgruntled citizen.
  • Going back a little further, in 1979, a surprised-looking Prince Charles had a stray kiss thrown at him by Jane Priest  in the Perth surf: a much warmer welcome than the starting pistol incident of 1994.