Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 | 17:31 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 | 17:31 | SYDNEY

Terrorism as ideology


Sam Roggeveen


20 October 2010 16:20

In The Australian today, Janet Albrechtson declares:

In a BBC interview last month to coincide with the publication of his memoirs, former British prime minister Tony Blair described radical Islam as the greatest threat facing the world. He's correct.

It reminds me that I should have posted a link to Fareed Zakaria's review of Blair's book:

Throughout his discussion of the war on terror, Blair embraces any tortured logic to support his essential view that the war “is one struggle.” Al Qaeda entered Iraq after the invasion, so that proves that invading Iraq and fighting Al Qaeda were really one common struggle. And that is why he seems in recent public comments to be in favor of a preventive war against Iran...In a strange sense, Blair on terrorism recalls nothing so much as the Labour Party ideologues he used to make fun of as they loudly declaimed about the nationalization of industry, unilateral disarmament and workers’ communes. They were obsessed by an ideology, contemptuous of complicating facts on the ground, fed up with a public that didn’t see the light and supremely convinced that history, ultimately, would vindicate them. What do you know. Tony Blair has turned out to be Old Labour after all.