Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 11:26 | SYDNEY
Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 11:26 | SYDNEY

States of the union


Fergus Hanson


29 January 2010 15:01

The New York Times brings you an interesting snapshot of six state of the union addresses from around the world.

My favourites were the Dutch Queen...

The lack of integration of certain groups in society, widespread disrespectful and offensive behavior in public places and criminal behavior by groups of young people are stubborn problems that cause a great deal of annoyance. The government is therefore not only taking consistent action against offenders but also tackling the causes of unacceptable behavior.

...and Russian President:

I note that in August this year, Russia registered its natural population increase for the first time in the last 15 years. This growth is still only small — just 1,000 people — but still, it is an increase nonetheless. This result was achieved above all thanks to the National Project on Health and the new demographic policy we have been implementing....