Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 08:05 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 08:05 | SYDNEY

The siege of Tripoli about to begin?


Andrew Carr


16 August 2011 09:47

Via Twitter and Reuters come rumours that Libyan rebel forces have encircled the capital Tripoli and are preparing to lay siege. This might be a good time to revisit a piece we ran in June by Philip Eliason on what we can expect in the days ahead:

It's a one-way street from here. But it will be an increasingly bad alley as the rebels get close to Tripoli....We know from Iraq, various African states, Bosnia and Afghanistan that turfing out a dictatorial regime which has made lifetime enemies leads to some frightening retribution....This is what we face in Libya. Can the leadership of the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) hold back decades of aggrievement when its militias reach the capital?

To prevent this, Eliason argues the West should push for Qadhafi's immediate surrender (ABC reports South Africa is already laying the groundwork), and be willing to send in a 'supervising but humanitarian and protective force' to take control of Tripoli, begin the transition and importantly, to prevent post-conflict retribution in Libya.

To keep up with the latest I recommend following @blakehounshell, @mchancecnn and @matthewwprice (the latter two are apparently the last western journalists in Tripoli).

Photo by Flickr user Nasser Nouri.