Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 07:41 | SYDNEY
Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 07:41 | SYDNEY

Sentences worth pondering


Sam Roggeveen


27 July 2011 14:58

From Stephen Mayne in today's Crikey (not yet online):

Think about it for a moment: if the Murdoch media properties had campaigned against the Iraq invasion does anyone seriously believe it would have happened?

UPDATE: A counterpoint from Fairfax columnist Peter Martin, who is sceptical of claims made about Murdoch's political influence:

But being on the winning side of elections - near consistently - isn’t the same as swinging the result. And it has suited both Murdoch and his critics to act as if it is.

What little economic research there has been on the topic suggests that although we take newspapers seriously we are not particularly influenced by them; if anything the influence runs the other way.