Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 22:51 | SYDNEY
Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 22:51 | SYDNEY

Senator Johnston, cyber phantom?


Sam Roggeveen


1 October 2010 11:23

Shadow Defence Minister Senator David Johnston's announcement yesterday that the Government ought to increase our troop commitment to Afghanistan — and send artillery, tanks and combat helicopters — seems to have caught even his own leader by surprise.

This morning, I decided I ought to have a look at Senator Johnston's record on this issue. But I fell at the first hurdle: for the life of me, I cannot find his constituency or shadow ministerial webpage; just this pro forma Senate page and this pro forma Liberal Party page. So it seems there is no comprehensive online archive of Senator Johnston's speeches, media releases and interviews, which pretty much every other MP maintains. I tried to call his office at Parliament House for clarification, but no answer.

If readers can point me to a Senator David Johnston webpage, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to retract and correct the record.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan debate between Government and Opposition remains predictably anchored at the tactical level: 'the troops need more support' vs. 'the ADF tells us the troops have what they need'. Let's hope the upcoming parliamentary debate shakes this up a little. Rather than talking about how we can win this war, we need to ask whether it is worth winning