Sunday 10 Oct 2021 | 04:18 | SYDNEY
Sunday 10 Oct 2021 | 04:18 | SYDNEY

Security theatre at the Harbour Bridge


Sam Roggeveen


16 March 2010 10:28

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has mocked the anti-terrorist security measures he observed while walking along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which took the form of one weedy-looking security guard:

Bypassing security guards was as simple as putting on a broad smile, (Clarkson) said. "Frighteningly, though, I suspect that this super-nice approach would also work for terrorists in Sydney. If they just walk past the weedy-looking chap with a smile and a couple of pleasantries, he'll still be smiling right back when the entire bridge comes crashing down on his head."

It's not an original observation. The Chaser team proved Clarkson right in 2007: