Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 16:39 | SYDNEY
Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 16:39 | SYDNEY

Security linkage


Rory Medcalf


9 August 2010 14:08

  • Strategic ripples from the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are reaching the troubled waters of Southeast Asia: as China flexes its naval muscles over control of the South China Sea, the stage is set for new frictions with India – since Indian interests plan to acquire British Petroleum's assets there
  • Speaking of China's new naval assertiveness, the Lowy Institute's recent major publication on this and related themes, Power and Choice, has been cited by The Washington Post. 
  • Here is one aspect of a rising India that bodes poorly for New Delhi's much-touted potential to act as a force for good in global security: an inability to bring order to the streets of Kashmir without significant civilian bloodshed. More than 50 dead in the suppression of recent protests is a tragedy. It is also a terrible look for the India that hopes to show a positive face to the world in the Commonwealth Games this October. What is extraordinary is how little the Indian security forces seem to have learned in non-lethal crowd control since similar incidents two decades ago.
  • South Korea is spreading its wings as a serious player in Asian security – literally, with a reported deal with Indonesia for joint development of fighter jets.
  • And a lack of population growth need not spell doom for the South Korean military, which has recently begun deploying a very different kind of new recruit.