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Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 12:50 | SYDNEY

Reforming the Republicans


Sam Roggeveen


16 July 2009 11:38

The London Times' Daniel Finkelstein has a pretty devastating column (copied in today's Australian) about Sarah Palin and the future of of the US Republican Party. He hits at several points on the victimhood theme, which has been a central part of Palin's message and of the modern US conservative movement.

The idea that conservatives are a beleaguered minority waging a rear-guard cultural and political fight against the progressive mainstream is less prominent on the Australian right, though it occasionally makes an appearance. It's jarring to hear such bleating from the self-help, 'pick yourself up by the bootstraps' side of politics, and it is a mystery how such a mentality can survive the fact that right-of-centre parties in both countries have dominated electoral politics over the last decade.

Finkelstein argues that to avoid electoral disaster, the US right will have to get past this victim mentality. This would be a good thing for US foreign policy under a Republican president too: we've seen the effects of an Administration simmering with cultural resentments and suffering from a siege mentality.

Photo by Flickr user NewsHour, used under a Creative Commons license.