Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 16:27 | SYDNEY
Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 16:27 | SYDNEY

Reader ripostes: Niue and labour mobility


Fergus Hanson


19 August 2008 14:40

John has this question for Jenny in response to her post on Niue:

'Why Niue?' Given the statistics and relationship with NZ (only 7 per cent of Niueans live in Niue, heavy dependence on aid, they are also citizens of NZ), has there ever been any discussion of incorporation or would that maybe fall foul of a decolonisation commitment? 

I also have a follow-up question on Jenny's post on the government's new labour mobility scheme. Sure it's a relief to finally have this program up and running, but what about the conditions attached?

 For example, you wrote:

Australian employers must demonstrate that they have already made reasonable efforts to employ Australians and participate in training and career development programs for Australians before they are able to employ Pacific Island workers. They will be required to pay half of the return airfares and cover the costs of establishment and pastoral care for workers. 

Would the scheme be attractive to many farmers under these sorts of conditions? Surely, this would be a situation where the market would do a pretty decent job on its own (alongside a few minor regulations to prevent exploitation). Are the conditions a result of the New Zealand experience with the scheme?