Monday 23 Nov 2020 | 04:00 | SYDNEY
Monday 23 Nov 2020 | 04:00 | SYDNEY

Reader ripostes: More Rudd Googling


Sam Roggeveen


1 November 2010 11:48

This thread started with my post pointing out that Googling 'Kevin Rudd' produced a link to the PM's website. That is still the case.

In subsequent post, I noted that Googling 'Prime Minister of Australia' produced, as the top return, the PM's website with this the out-dated description: 'The official page of Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd'. When I try that search again now, it produces an updated site description, though given the further correspondence below from David Reid, I have no idea whether this has anything to do with the intervention of the PM's office or is just a further result of Google's indexing:

I made a reference to Google bombing in my earlier e-mail. The classic example of this is a Google search for the term 'miserable failure' leading to the biography of George W. Bush. This was achieved by a group of people posting links on various websites with the text 'miserable failure' linked to the biography on the White House site.

Google subsequently made some changes to its algorithm to prevent this happening. However, the changes to the algorithm probably don't prevent more legitimate links such as 'Kevin Rudd' linking to the site influencing search results.

Please note that these effects are not due to links or text on the White House or sites. Instead they are a result of links that are created on other websites. Also, people clicking on links doesn't affect Google search results. It is just the presence of links on websites that are picked up by Google's robots that index the web. Although it should be noted that links on highly ranked sites like the BBC or New York Times will have more effect than links on lower ranked websites.

And then there was this from an anonymous reader:

Google downloads and saves copies of all the web pages available in it's search results. If you look in the Interpreter logs I'm sure you'll see the Googlebot visiting. The simple fact is that the Googlebot hasn't got around to visiting since Julia Gillard came to power and thus it hasn't been updated. High profile sites are archived more frequently, obviously our PM's site isn't considered important enough.