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Reader riposte: The rise of societies

4 April 2011 15:33

Scott Burchill writes:

I was struck by this comment from Anne-Marie Slaughter in your post:

".. she (Clinton) had just returned from a trip to Egypt during which a number of members of the Egyptian youth movement refused to meet with her because of the perception that the US had sided with Mubarak...".

Perception' The US backed Mubarak till the death, as people who call horse races would say. Perception implies at least the possibility of an alternative interpretation. In this case, as the real world including every Egyptian knows, there was no other view. Washington opposed the Egyptian revolution until Mubarak was shown the door by his army mates, then they retrospectively proclaimed their long term fidelity to democratisation in the country. Only a deeply indoctrinated Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University could see anything else and write such nonsense.