Friday 10 Apr 2020 | 00:17 | SYDNEY
Friday 10 Apr 2020 | 00:17 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: New Zealand first at UN


Sam Roggeveen


30 July 2009 10:25

Paul Cotton responds to Raoul Heinrichs' argument that Australia ought to either quit the race for a UN Security Council seat or at least quit campaigning for it:

There is a further alternative. I believe New Zealand generously gave up it’s 'turn' to stand as a WEOG (Western Europe and Others) candidate in favour of Australia when this last campaign commenced. So Australia could now pull out of the race in favour of New Zealand. 

New Zealand has already been on the Security Council  since Australia was last there in the Eighties. It won that last election with only ONE diplomatic post in Africa and a great deal of hard diplomatic work. In the final vote last time New Zealand beat Sweden. Clearly money didn’t come into it.