Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 | 20:47 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 | 20:47 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: More on blogging bureaucrats

4 August 2010 12:32

Mick Graham responds to earlier posts about the reluctance of public servants to get involved in online policy debate:

From a public servant's perspective, entering public debate using one's Department as reference is a difficult proposition. 

For instance, the individual ideas of a public servant may not necessarily be reflective of a Department’s position. Nevertheless, by simply stating what Department a person works for, you have already linked an idea to that particular Department. An example may be where a public servant may have views on where spending should be increased while the Department’s position is that it should be reduced or vice versa. This conflicting evidence could confuse public debate, especially for those people who view government as one giant machine. 

However, I should not understate that these ideas may have already been voiced and debated with one’s organisation which is where the frank and fearless part comes into it.