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Reader riposte: Hollywood new economics

1 May 2012 15:48

Alex Burns responds to Sam Roggeveen's post, 'The new economics of Hollywood':

In 2010, Ben Eltham and I did a Media International Australia article on Australia's film industry and the pivotal role of international tax arbitrage.

The New York Times noted in a Sunday Magazine article that Samuel L Jackson (Shield's Nick Fury in The Avengers) has a nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios. Also this recent NYT piece on film as an alternative investment.

Stuart Croft's 'Culture, Crisis and America's War on Terror' (Cambridge University Press, 2006) is a model study of what a geopolitical analysis of The Avengers and other Marvel Studios films might resemble.

The Avengers also solves the Lowy Interpreter debate on Australian force structure and China's force projection power: develop a flying, invisible aircraft carrier with directed energy weapons. Michael C Horowitz's PhD and book, The Diffusion of Military Power (Princeton University Press, 2011), offers a guide (at least, to aircraft carriers).